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Your body language is a mirror of what you are

Is body language a mirror of a personality? Yes…it is. In fact it can tell the observer what you are thinking at that particular time. Body Language is a form of communication where body speaks to others instead of verbal words. Your different facial expressions or rolling of your eyes or swinging your arms in a certain fashion implies that you are showing a certain kind of body language. We need to constantly improve our body language as it says a lot about our personality.

There are few body languages that exhibits a certain kind of behavior. When you sit with your arms and legs crossed, it may seem that you are defensive. When you are confused, you often scratch your head.
At times when you are tensed, you tend to be too alert. When you are touching your face too often, it may mean that you are making the other person uneasy or putting up a barrier with the other person sitting nearby.

Truly speaking, your way of walking, way of talking, way of eating…..your every way of action is a mirror of what you are. Your every move depicts your personality. When you held your head high, it definitely shows that you are pretty confident. Your smiling face is a sign of your kindness and it also makes you more approachable. When you get angry, it gets reflected on your face….you start turning red and facial expressions turn furious. What we are is mirrored through our body language….

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