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Words of Eroticism – Talk Dirty to your Guy

When it comes to driving your guy crazy, nothing works better than your mouth. Ahh! I am not talking about that mouth which you started picturizing already. I am referring to shower your guy with verbal bliss. Remove the fear, guilt as well as thoughts of rejection from your mind and unleash your femme fatale side.

There are many girls who shy away or just hesitate a bit when their boyfriends talk some naughty stuff with them. First of all stop thinking of it as ‘dirty’. I would advise you to talk dirty with the guy whom you trust. There are many girls who start talking naughty stuff with their guys in early stage of relationship which can backfire big time.
Talk dirty to the guy with whom you are comfortable and the trust level is high.

Respond to his dirty talks by talking dirty to him because the hardest metal yields to the most intense fire. Don’t start running. First take some slow steps. Let the romance build in. Start rubbing his hands and gently massage him all over the body. Place your lips close to his ears and utter those things that will pump up the release of testosterone in his egoistic male body. To give him a further boost, ask him, “How was it Darling? Do you want me to fire your body more?”

Dirty talking is not just intended to have sex, but it can spice up your relationship. It removes the hesitancy as well as the barriers of shyness, stripping your heart naked for an effective up-close communication. Once you are settled in, use some titillating and nerve shackling sexy words that will intensify your love making. If you do not know what words to use – Research well by reading some books or watching some pornographic movies. Also, use the words which you are comfortable with and draw a line. If you go all the way, it might portray you as an altogether different character and jeopardize your relationship.

Keep the heat turned on! But as I said, keep it limited. Don’t just jump from a shy cat to a porn star within a few moments. At the same time, don’t restrain yourself from the ultimate bliss of dirty talking. Go ahead! Unleash your inner sex-goddess.

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