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Tips to get over your breakup

Breakup with your boyfriend is something that bring on intense heartache and trigger painful feelings.  Ending a relationship is the difficult thing to do but not impossible. So, how to get over a broken heart? Here’s few tips that will help you to cope up with break up blues. Girls- Move on!

  • Try to accept the end- Even though your whole world has turned upside down, you need to put   your break up behind you and cope with the antagonistic feelings that is there inside you. It is very important to accept that your relationship is over. Think positive! Do not get depressed, rather answer few questions in your mind such as- “Is he worth my pain?” and “Do I deserve this?”.
  • Move ahead, Move on – Do not cling onto the past. Aim ahead. Keep yourself surrounded by good friends with whom you could frankly converse regarding your feelings. The more you share your painful feelings with others, the better you will be able to get over a breakup. Believe that everything happens for the good. Use this circumstance as a learning measure for self growth. Believe that a time will again come when you will be on a cloud nine with the new love of your life!
  • Time is a great healer- Give yourself the time to heal. Time will help you to cope up with your crumbled emotions. When you are emotionally attached to a guy, it is quite obvious that his loss will make you cry. Allow yourself to cry but do not make it a prolonged distressing situation. Remember, time acts as a powerful tool in healing up wounds of your broken heart.
  • Connect with your family – Share the feelings with your family. Nothing can heal your wounds better than the love and care of your family. The blessings of your parents will help you in a large extent to get over a breakup. Connect with your family……and you will build a self-confidence to fight against the bitter feelings!
  • Do all the things you love to do- You may find that time lies heavy on your hands. But use that time to have fun. Watch movies, explore different places, read funny books, gorge on to your favorite dishes, lie on your bed and have a scoop of ice-cream, enjoy a long drive or do anything that makes you happy.  Try to be happy!! Think about your family and friends who loves you and do not want you to stay sad.

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