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Things not to utter around him

Some things are better left unsaid. It is always good to be genuine but telling your lover everything can get you into a fuss. In a relationship, there are many things you need not utter around your guy as they can hurt his feelings or dismay him. So, you do not wish to hurt the feelings of your sweetheart….right? To keep the romantic flame of your relationship alive forever, try not to utter these things when he is around you:

  • Do not talk about your ex-boyfriend- Do not discuss your past with your date. Talking about ex is pretty harsh, hurting and insulting, so do not ever utter it at any cost.
  • Do not unleash the negative side of yours- Never utter that you like to get drunk or like to watch porn. This may give him a wrong impression.
  • Do not utter abusive words for his family…..Ssshhh- This is a real turn-off. Most of the men hate their woman if she doesn’t respect his family. Never ever utter bad words for his family. Remember if you utter so, it will have an extremely bad effect in your relationship.
  • Do not say- ‘ Your best friend is very hot’- Guys can’t help it to be competitive — they are practically born that way. Nothing will be more hurting to him than you telling him that your friend is hot and handsome.
  • Do not tell him that he is insensitive- Though men are sometimes insensitive, do not utter it around him.
  • Do not reveal your flirtations with other guys- One thing is sure that your guy will not like you if you are thinking about other men or flirting around with them. So, do not unleash the small flirting encounters to your guy.

Though it is good to be open and honest in a relationship, there are few things that should not be revealed just for the sake of your love….

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