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Sshhhh.…..few things need to remain as a secret for your guy

Everything in a relationship is not as cute and sweet as it looks superficially. The deeper you go, more secrets are revealed. Secrets about what your Prince charming likes and dislikes. They say ‘honesty is the best policy’. I would disagree on it to some extent. To keep a relation sound and in pink of its health it is better that somethings are best unsaid. Telling everything to him can put you in hell lot of trouble and even may lead to wreck your relationship. Seeing so many relations breaking down around me has made me wise and clever as to what are the things that are most likely to hurt my fella. So I make it a point not utter them in front of him. To keep your relation thriving and healthy, I reveal the secret. Try not to speak and hurt the love of your life by saying them to him. Ignore them at the risk of your love….

More than a friend slip-up – This may happen at some point of time in your life that you and your best friend (boy) cross the thin line of friendship and come a little closer. But thats it, nothing beyond it, right? And also the incident occurred before you even met the love of your life. So it is advisable not to mention about this one-time encounter to your boyfriend as that is now a thing of past.

If you were a dorky in your school life and are a ‘babe’ now, then hide all the photographs of the past and do not even leave a trace of the image you carried in the past. Also do not let your guy know about any of the cosmetic enhancements you did before you met him.

You cheated your ex – This will really turn him down and will give him an impression that you are not serious about your relationship with him, even if you are. One of my friend committed this blunder and the outcome as I said was the guy dumped her.

‘You are lousy in love making’ – Do not utter this words at any cost. You might be expecting some firework but all you get is some sparklers. It happens many a time that a person may get slightly vulnerable while sharing most intimate moments and speaking something like this would be very insulting and harsh. So give him space and time and try to be suggestive by saying that ‘Honey lets explore some different positions’.

Innocent flirtations – Even though you love your guy very much but yeah, there is no harm going a bit flirty. Its a kinda nice feeling for us girls that even though we are engaged, but we still have the charm that can lure men. But you must not cross the thin line and go beyond flirting if you seriously love your man and even he loves you as much. A man is always very possessive about his girlfriend or wife so he may feel hurt or dejected by this. So it is always advisable not to reveal about these small flirting encounters to your guy.

If you want your relation to rock and are very serious about it then keep your honesty aside few times to make him happy as well as be happy yourself.

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Sshhhh.…..few things need to remain as a..

Everything in a relationship is not as cute and sweet as it looks superficially.
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