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Seducing Scent-ually

A mere batting of your eyelash, a dress that reveals your cleavage or sometimes your sensuous touch, can put your guy’s engine on revving. Well add one more extremely effective weapon to your arsenal – a special scent which will churn the carnal desires of your guy. They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but when you have the easy way, that is through through his nose, then why not go for it, right? Scent is one of the most powerful ways to lure your lad. Trust me, a right perfume dabbed behind you ears can drive him surprisingly passionate and wild.

To describe the power of the scent I would like to quote my own example. My boyfriend and me were in a quarrel mode, so in order to explain me his point of view he came near to me. But the scent of my perfume captivated him so much that he actually forgot his point and started making small moves to suggest that lets make love, not fight! So the point I want to convey is that a right scent can melt your man and transform the heat of the quarrel to the heat of desire, love and passion.

Smell so good that he should actually eat you up, not in the literal sense, but it should be so appealing that it drives him completely crazy for you. The food-inspired fragrances like vanilla, pumpkin pie, cinnamon, citrus fruits signal your playful and flirtatious mood – a good means to send a message to your love that you are making attempts to lure him. Similarly yummy, sweet, candy-like scents can also be helpful to turn him on you. This gesture of your may also signify him that you do care for his likes and dislikes.

Affectionate fragrances is a means to reveal that you took an extra effort to draw his attention and strike the perfect string to connect with him which in turn can make him emotionally sensitive and caring for you. A heavy musky aroma can also work for you and exhibit your carnal spirits. Pheromones are other aphrodisiac attracting men.

There are numerous ways you can tantalize your man with scents. You can use these scents in the form essential oils which you can add to your bath. You may enjoy the bath immensely with your love. To give your own effect to the lotions or creams, you may add your essential oil to it. The fragrance which remains with you all the day would be the gradient pulling your man towards you. A sensual massage to your love can be equally sexy along with a bit of naughtiness added to it. A lighter fragrance  of shampoo and conditioner which is left behind is also very much adored by men. You may give a more erotic touch to your bedroom by lighting scented candles.

Such seductive scents will leave both, love and fragrance in the year. I know you will definitely try all these spells of fragrance on him so that he goes crazy and comes sniffing for you.

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