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Tips to know if your guy is an emotional guy

Wish to know if your guy is an emotional guy? Want to be sure whether your guy has an emotional attachment with you? Well, then you need to read a few signals that a guy is unquestionably, passionately glued onto you. Here are few best ways to find out if he has an emotional attachment with you: – Continue reading

Things not to utter around him

Some things are better left unsaid. It is always good to be genuine but telling your lover everything can get you into a fuss. In a relationship, there are many things you need not utter around your guy as they can hurt his feelings or dismay him. So, you do not wish to hurt the feelings of your sweetheart….right? Continue reading

Bachelorette party ideas

It’s not every day that you have the golden chance to celebrate the final days of your single life with your favorite pals. So when it comes to celebrating single-hood, spice up the bachelorette bash. A bachelorette party should be unforgettable and entertaining, an opportunity for you to let loose one last time before you get hitched as a bride. Continue reading

Mood swings in teens

Research after research suggests that mood swings among teenagers. It also suggests that at one point or another, almost all teenagers deal with apparently utmost shifts in mood. Most researchers agree that it is a combination of emotional and biological factors that affect a teenagers mood. Continue reading

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