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Mood swings in teens

Research after research suggests that mood swings among teenagers. It also suggests that at one point or another, almost all teenagers deal with apparently utmost shifts in mood. Most researchers agree that it is a combination of emotional and biological factors that affect a teenagers mood. As teenagers life become more complicated and adult-like, they do not have the built-in coping mechanisms and hence react very quickly to any situations.
Furthermore, a teenage brain is not a matured brain. They tend to think emotionally than logically. There is an extreme mood swings among teenagers as at one point you can see them crying or yelling, while within few minutes later you may see them laughing.

Teenagers get mood swings for a variety of reasons, including dating problems, family pressures, school pressures and sometimes depression. However, these mood swings may diminish or vanish over time. If a teenager feels ignored or misunderstood in a dating relationship, those feelings may be evident as mood swings. Have you ever seen yourself getting actually cranky for almost no reason? Or abruptly feeling down without knowing why? But why is it common among teenagers to be on an emotional roller coaster? Handling continual pressure and change is part of the answer. May be you are getting good grades but you wish to excel in sports or other activities. The result is depression. Another important reason for mood swings is a constant change. You enter into a new school, and you don’t find your old friends… get depressed!

Being a teenager means struggling with self-image and identity. Ignorance by friends gives a lonely feeling. Teenagers may also experience a sense of distance from parents and family. This results in an extreme shifts in mood. Another significant cause for mood swings is biology. The body begins producing sex hormones when puberty starts. Estrogen hormone seem to cause emotional changes — the ups and downs that sometimes feel out of control. Mood swings in teens….the catch is in properly dealing with them.

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