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Get sexy eyes

Wish to grab your dream guy’s heart? Get sexy eyes! You don’t have to have blue eyes to lure men, but you can play with your eye-makeup to make it look sexy and hot!

Smoky eyes are all the rage these days, in the fashion week and magazines we see women with big sultry smoky eyes. The effects are eye-popping! You can use the elusive colors during the day and darker colors at night to attain a ultra-glam look. For a big and foxy eyes, splurge on to colors like dark brown, light brown, or gray. Always use a light color to highlight under your brow and a pitch-dark color in the crease. If you embellish these colors on your eyes, your sweetheart won’t be able to resist himself from staring you. Sultry colors on your lid will give your eyes a sexy look in few seconds.
Applying three-toned eyeshadow may stop the traffic with one bat of your eyelashes! If your sweetie is waiting outside your home and you wish to quickly get sexy eyes, then apply glossy silver color with a cotton swab to the inner corners of your eyes. It is very dazzling, trust me on this! Prior to applying mascara, always curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Apply mascara with a mascara brush at the bottom of eyelashes and move back and forth. Do not ever forget to use concealer. It will rid you of dark circles. Use a highlighter to brighten your eyes. It will really make your eyes “pop” and   will also bring out the natural beauty of your eyes and make you look more stunning.
When evening party calls for a glamorous look, do not worry. Follow these tips and make your eyes look amazing.

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