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Burn the love flame with these love games this Valentine’s Day

How are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweetie this year? Make it more fun and interesting by trying these love games. Mark my words, the games would definitely lead to something really steamy and sexy happening between you two. I can say this with such confidence because…… Ah….. You know! Anyway let me share these games with you so that you enjoy this Valentine’s Day in a completely different mode than the usual cheesy way. Set a romantic tone by cooking his favorite recipe. After the dinner, with a glass of wine in hand, venture into the romantic gaming zone and try out any or all of these games and see what happens……

1. Love Cards – You can give an erotic tint to the otherwise normal game of cards by associating each card with a romantic act. There are 13 different cards to which you can designate a romantic act like kissing on lips, nibbling on the ear and so on and so forth. You can make the game as much sexy and creative as you want. Draw a card turn by turn and the person who draws the card must do to the partner whatever is assigned on the card.

2. Kissing Game – This is a very intriguing game. Bring a very hilarious movie and set the rule that every time either of you laugh, he/she will have to kiss the other. May be the end of the movie will lead to some different ‘climax’, I mean some thing more than kiss. So the comic timings and the extent of hilarity in the movie are the deciding factor for where the movie lands the two of you.
I know by now, you are on a wild goose chase for the most comic movie but do read further because the next game may prove to be the king among all the love games.

3. Lover’s Touch – This is a very popular game arousing the emotional and physical intimacy. As you make your move on the board, there are almost 85 coquettish activities. So all you need to play this steamy game is to order it few days prior to the Valentine’s Day so that you can enjoy the special day with this game.

You can also modify the game of Ludo in a way that the number you throw with your dice is the number of times you have to kiss your partner. I hope you already started fantasizing about two of you playing these love games, right? So enjoy them in your dreams and also in reality.

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