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Bachelorette party ideas

It’s not every day that you have the golden chance to celebrate the final days of your single life with your favorite pals. So when it comes to celebrating single-hood, spice up the bachelorette bash. A bachelorette party should be unforgettable and entertaining, an opportunity for you to let loose one last time before you get hitched as a bride. Feeling stumped on what to plan? Not sure where to start? Get your fanciful juices flowing with these party ideas.
Night out with the girls is a great idea. Once you are married, it might be difficult to get away for a  night with the girls. Utilize the bachelorette party as an alibi to go for a night out. You may also plan for a weekend vacation. Such a vacation will give you time for “being wild”. You may get naughty in your trip…..get yourself drunk, dress sexily and hit a pub and enjoy flirting with men!!
You may also pamper your weekend by gathering at someone’s home and eating delicious food, experiencing a spa treatment, trying cool nail art in each other’s nails, shaking body in the tune of your favorite song, watching sultry movies, etc.
Rent a limousine for the day, pile it with good bottles of wine and champagne, and pick up all your beloved buddies. Explore the town, shop around, pamper yourself with hair coloring or fish pedicure, treat your taste buds with lip-smacking foods, etc. While you are enjoying the day, make sure that you take breaks in a stretch limo with a glass of wine and champagne.
Playing games is another great idea as it can turn any bachelorette party from good to outstanding. Some may be classic and others may be sexy, but they all bring laughs and amusement to the group. Also do not forget the prizes.

So, bride-to-be gear up and enjoy the party to the fullest!!

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