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Words of Eroticism – Talk Dirty to your Guy

When it comes to driving your guy crazy, nothing works better than your mouth. Ahh! I am not talking about that mouth which you started picturizing already. I am referring to shower your guy with verbal bliss. Remove the fear, guilt as well as thoughts of rejection from your mind and unleash your femme fatale side. Continue reading

Tips to get over your breakup

Breakup with your boyfriend is something that bring on intense heartache and trigger painful feelings.  Ending a relationship is the difficult thing to do but not impossible. So, how to get over a broken heart? Here’s few tips that will help you to cope up with break up blues. Girls- Move on!
Continue reading

Your body language is a mirror of what you are

Is body language a mirror of a personality? Yes…it is. In fact it can tell the observer what you are thinking at that particular time. Body Language is a form of communication where body speaks to others instead of verbal words. Your different facial expressions or rolling of your eyes or swinging your arms in a certain fashion implies that you are showing a certain kind of body language. Continue reading

Ways to sweep him off his feet

All guys may not melt over candlelit dinners or flowers, but there are several ways that will help you to bowl him over every time! Here’s how: -

  • Turn him to jelly with your looks- This is one of the best ways to sweep your guy off his feet. Every time he looks at you he must turn to mush! Look beautiful and sparkly at all times so that he never gets tired of loving and admiring you. Continue reading

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