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A little bit about guys – alpha, beta and omega guys

Hey girls! Want to know about alpha, beta and omega guys? Well, I thought so.

The alpha males……This term is given to the macho-man, the wolves who are always “into” some chick and have diminutive to no dilemma getting laid. Alpha guy is the one who can be at a party and barely say a word; but his body language says everything, the one who walks ahead of everyone and the one who would be the headliner of a movie. In simple words, alpha male is a funny, charming and a dominating guy. Alpha males are the one who leads a group and is always ahead from others. Alpha males are the power players, they aren’t the quiet bystander or the unnoticed thinker.

The beta males…..Imagine a church-going, merrily married, “healthy relationship” having friend and that is your beta male. Beta guys are the one whom we call “normal”, we pass by them each and every day as they are the steady-going underlings spinning away in this thing called life. They do not have a bull-rushing and they are not the followers of every-day guys but they tend to do things that are ethical and morally acceptable. The beta male look for a female to love, and when he finds her, he ties a knot with her, spit out few kids and turn old graciously within his chosen career.

The omega males…..Real decent males… but also what we call ‘failures’. By and large they are mostly avoided, and hardly anyone remembers them. They are guaranteed males who do not have sex before marriage. Not to say that Omega guys are outcasts or unwanted but they do not have the respect of an Alpha or a Beta guy in a social group. The Omega male faces lot of trouble while finding woman of his life as women simply do not find them appealing(mentally or physically).


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