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5 Party mistakes that women make

Wish to be the center of attraction of a party? Well, then you need to know few party mistakes that most of the times women make. It will help you to avoid the same mistakes while you are getting ready for the glamorous party.

  • Women often wear too much or too dark lipstick and its a complete turn off.  Always blot on a tissue to remove the excess lipstick. Applying too much lipstick is not at all a great idea. Dark lipsticks won’t make you look classy and will also portray that you have a bad taste. Any wrong shade or too dark color won’t look right – test it twice before you leave for the party. Choosing a perfect color is important. Select a color that suits you well. Do not overpower your looks.
  • Most of the girls think that wearing too tight or too short dresses will make them look stunning in the party. But, honey let me tell you that anything too tight or too short send out the wrong message. Extra-mini skirts and too-short tops may work for celebrities but they don’t work in everyday life. Remember there are more sexy ways to flaunt your curves while leaving something to the imagination. Too-tight dresses is a major fashion don’t.
  • Many girls often wear wrong shoes in a party. Flat sandals are acceptable as long as your pants don’t drag beneath them, but a little (2 inches maximum!) heel is best. Too-high heels won’t look right, and there are high chances that you will have trouble walking in them – which won’t look professional. Also… fancy shoes with jeans. It just doesn’t add up. Keep sneakers or flats with jeans. With designer sarees, high-heels goes well.
  • Many girls land up in messing up with their hair. They literally don’t know which hair cut or hair style or hair color suits them well. In order to head off this mistake, you need to be very careful while choosing your hair cut and hair color. Depending on your skin complexion, choose a hair color. Remember right hair cut and hair color can really make you the center of attraction of the party.
  • Another common mistake that may spoil your beauty is choosing bad accessories. You need to choose elegant and chic accessories as it helps enhancing your look in a great way. From your jewelry to handbag, everything should complement your outfit.

If you avoid these common mistakes and adopt better beauty trends, then nothing can stop you from becoming the most gorgeous looking girl of the party.


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